Friday, July 22, 2011

Satanic Symbology is all around you

Symbols such as the ΔPyramid, ★Pentagram(555) ✡Hexagram (666) Octogram۞ (888) are
sacred geometry that are used today to represent different factions or cults of illuminati...they used the alphabet as a code A=1 B=2 C=3 this code 88= HH or Heil Hitler...remember Back to the future?
that was my favorite flick back in the day but upon closer inspection I have found some of the most
sickening illuminati crap I have ever seen...first look at the clock tower 10:04 <that stands for 14
or 14 words...from wikipedia...We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children, now add 88 (Heil Hitler) the speed of the car to activate the Flux capacitor...14/88
translates to WhitePower Heil Hitler...and you thought it was such a nice family flick...there
are also numerous 9/11 references wow in 1985 that's odd and the ending is well, lets just say
the end of part 3 is pedophilia, go to YouTube and look at illuminati symbology in Back to the future
or creepy kid in Back to the future, basically what the ending is...the doc Haha is talking
to Marty and your eyes are drawn to them, in the background, the little boy gestures with his hand
to come here...then points to his it, its quite sick and the look on his face tells a story
of its own, he is forced to do this and he obviously knows what it means..he literally is crying.
That's all for today...Peace and don't forget..the truth is out there ;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rotary club

WTH is the rotary club ? I thought it was like AAA but on November 22, 2010
there was a radio show on 104.7 in Pittsburgh (11-22 is JFK assassination)
The guest was the head of the Rotary club chapter 7300 in Pittsburgh
and he explained that the goal and the duty of the Rotary club is the iradication
of Polio...WTF Polio, I thought it was beaten decades ago but he said that
after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Rotarian's were the first NGO with boots on
the ground in Iraq. This is not BS, I worked in Iraq for KBR for several years
and we were required to get a Polio vaccination in 2006 so there was a threat
from Polio in 2006 most likely because the Rotary club released the disease
into the air and or water supply. If you are a conspiracy junkie like me then go
check out these guys...they are illuminati for sure. ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lucy and the Family

The spiritual base of the illuminati in the USA is Pittsburgh, Pa. The founder Charles Russel is buried under a pyramid on Cemetery lane next to the Mason hall. The illuminati call themselves Family as in (all in the family)
and the Pittsburgh Pirates theme song since 1979 has been We are Sister Sledge aka SS
Yes, the Nazi party is alive and well, what other orgs. use SS as their calling card...hmmm
Social Security...Selective Service, you thought we beat those nasty Krauts in ww2 but
unfortunately they had much wider control than just Germany, Prescott Bush was the banker
that financed Hitler and he also created the USO so don't dare say Grandpa Bush was a traitor.
One last note on the Pittsburgh connection, two movies were made in Pittsburgh in the early 90's
Sudden death SD and Striking Distance SD, What is SD look at your cell phone key pad, it translates
to look at the Pittsburgh Rotary club chapter 7300 hmmm. More on Rotary tom.

PS: I forgot about Lucy, aka Lucifer aka The Statue of Liberty
as in...I Love Lucy...I allways hated that show :) Peace Peeps

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Who are the illuminati ?

  Most people believe the illuminati are a small group of satanists that control the banking, government
and mass media, I have reason to believe that the group is much larger and the worker class is unaware
that they are even involved. The workers are clones of the 13 families descended from the Egyptian Pharaoh's, they are created in a test tube and implanted into human hosts without their knowledge, These people have one thing in common, money. An illuminati worker is placed in a position of power and follows the illuminati plan of world domination without even knowing why. During WW2 Hitlers scientists uncovered secrets about the nature of reality and the human mind that make science fiction look like kindergarten. Who are they ? Right wing talk show hosts...yes, Left wing union bosses...yes, they distract us, they create
a false conflict in society to keep them at each others throats. What about the mass media...oh yes, these
are the worst kind of mind slaves, especially the Hollywood machine of debauchery, it degrades our
society bit by bit until we are nothing more than animals. I fear the children of today will be slaves
before they die and I'm not alone, if you listen to talk radio, then listen to what they say...last night
I had the savage nation on, Micheal Savage is a popular talker from Sanfran sicko as he calls it,
he was speaking of Murdoch, owner of news corp and Fox news, Savage kept calling him Moloch,
Moloch, if you don't know who Moloch is or Bohemian grove then I suggest you check it out...If you dare.